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The non fungible token (NFT) technology is revolutionizing the world of digital assets, unlocking a whole new economy and vast potential across industries.


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Cryptocurrencies have created a billion dollar market within only a few years. This market is based on fungible token technology.

With the creation of the first non-fungible token standard in late 2017 a long list of new use cases was created. Media rights, identity, signature, trustless CV, keys, gaming assets, documents and many more.

Decentralized Concepts has specialized on NFT technology from day one and is the first provider of NFT services and NFT infrastructure, making it easy for you to utilize NFTs.


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The first big wave of tokenizing assets will happen in the gaming sector, as gamers naturally understand the value of digital ownership.

Being able to transfer assets to a trustless ledger creates a new economy, adding value to assets and increasing revenue for game makers.

In addition it allows for a frictionless world wide payment system with very low to no fees, opening the world as a market even to small and medium titles.

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  • Most advanced NFTs on the market
  • Audited and proven contracts
  • The best selection of functionality



  • Inter-chain bridges for NFTs
  • Infrastructure for infinite scalability
  • Advanced airdrop marketing tools


Dapp development bears new challenges and pitfalls. Get support and advice from those who have pioneered it.

  • Development of customized NFT smart contracts for your assets
  • Development of customized NFT bridges for your economy
  • Outsourcing of NFT backend infrastructure for speed and scalability
  • Auditing of your smart contracts

DC is the maker of the fully decentralized gaming platform Everdragons.




Patrick Rieger - CEO


Jacqueline Hardy - CMO


Marc Scherer - CTO

Our team incorporates many years of professional experience in development, management and communication. We develop all concepts and technology in house and identify as a high tech company. Here are some of our most noteworthy achievements:

  • First to master NFT inter-chain bridging
  • First to create NFT ecosystem with on-chain scarcity & uniqueness control
  • First to publish NFT game assets with status feature for advanced gameplay
  • First to proof the concept of NFTs with dynamic value security feature
  • First ever game assets influenced by off-chain events (oracle service)
  • First ever game assets living on two and then three stand alone blockchains
  • Creator of the CBT feature for advanced airdrops and marketing
  • Winner of the TRON Accelerator Special Prize
  • Winner of the PG Connects blockchain gamer roadshow
  • And more…